At Northwest Graphic Supply, we provide a full range of custom screen making services, as well as related services such as outputting film positives, creating and modifying digital art and sharpening squeegees. In the coming months we will have an online system here for ordering screen services. In the mean time, please call us at 1-800-221-4079 to place your order.

Film positives are printed on Afford-A-Black waterproof film. Film rolls can accomodate image widths up to 1/2" less than their own widths. Choose the narrowest roll that will accommodate the width of your image (think about rotating your images or doubling-up images to minimize your film usage).

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* The minimum film charge is $10 + $15 OPEN & OUTPUT fee, which is included in the above estimate. Ready to print? Email your artwork to ( Northwest Graphic Supply Co.

Mesh Price Estimator

Enter your frame height and width in the appropriate fields below, then click the button that displays the mesh count you wish to use on your frame and your cost estimate will appear in the designated area below.



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*This estimate is for monofilament polyester meshes only.