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Since 1961 Northwest Graphic Supply Co. has been a leader in sales and service in the screen printing and artist material industries. We have provided the latest innovations in screen printing inks, supplies, and equipment. Some of the products we've introduced to the Upper Midwest include: yellow fabric, plastisol ink, UV ink and curing units, to name a few.

Since the beginning, we have maintained a complete screen making facility. Whether you need one screen remeshed, or 1000 ready to print screens, we can get you printing quickly. Our staff can take your idea or digital file and convert it to film. That film, or film you provide can be used when we coat, expose, wash out, block, and tape your screen. Any part or all of these services are available to you.

Northwest Graphic is proud of the name brands we sell. These include Union Ink, Excalibur Ink by Lancer Group, Kolorcure Ink, Inktech Ink, Cudner & O'Conner (Candoc) Ink, Speedball Ink, Color FX Epoxy, Sefar (formerly Tetko) Mesh, Tekmar Chemicals, Screen Systems Bio- degradable Screen Washes, Adhesives and Equipment, R-Tape, PMI Tape, Fimor Squeegees, Ulano Emulsions and Films, Murakami Emulsions and Films, US Screen Fast Inks, Anatol Equipment, Brown Mfg. Equipment Atma Equipment, Douthitt Equipment, Amergraph Equipment, Graphtec Equipment, to name a few.

When you have a problem, give our technical staff a call. We don't always have the answers, but if there is one, we'll find it. Call us at 800-221-4079. Earning your trust and good will is something we know we need to do every day. We are always ready to quote you on your special needs, equipment, etc.

We appreciate your business!

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Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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