Extender Base


  • Sporting Goods Colors
  • Athletic Uniforms - Nylon Mesh Jerseys
  • Stretchy Material - Lycra & Spandex
  • Bicycle Racing Jerseys
  • High Gloss
  • Extremely Durable
  • Very Good Opacity


All quantity breaks are in total gallons of ink assorted.

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USES: For use on cottons, cotton/polyester blends, nylon mesh, stretch fabrics, Lycra, Spandex, all athletic garments where a tough, heavy film is required.

FINISH: Cures to a gloss, rubbery finish.

OPACITY: Excellent opacity on fabrics.

DRYING TIME: PATH Series plastisol inks will not air dry. They must be heat cured. PATH Series inks will fully cure and withstand repeated washings when the entire ink deposit reaches 300°F. Curing can be accomplished with the use of a conveyor dryer, flash curing unit, or simple infrared heater. Because of the extra thickness of the ink film, it is extremely important to check the cure to see that the film has cured all the way through. Poor wash ability can generally be traced to under curing!

SCREEN FABRIC: Use coarse meshes, from 62 to 110 monofilament polyester or 6XX Multifilament.

SCREEN COATING, FILM, BLOCKOUT: Use water soluble hand-cut, photo screens and blockouts with this ink or use other suitable products. A heavy stencil is recommended for which capillary films work well.

MODIFIERS: PATH inks are ready to use straight from the can but can be reduced with small amounts of UPLUS-9000 as a reducer or detackifier.

SQUEEGEE: For maximum deposit, a soft rounded squeegee is recommended

WASHUP: T-125 or biodegradable washup SYS-2500, SYS-2550 or SYS-2520 screen wash gel.